coolGiants)® is a small and medium-sized company based in Bremen and Munich with a clear and strong focus: Importer and distributor of exclusive household appliances SubZero / Wolf, Falcon und Fisher & Paykel. The kitchen therefore becomes a cooking workshop.

Inimitable products with unique selling points have been exclusively distributed on German, German Swiss, Austrian, Polish, Czech and Slovakian markets in specialist kitchen trade and furniture trade for more than 25 years.

Company History

The foundations were laid in 1956. Since then, General Electric household appliances were exclusively distributed in Germany until 2007. From 2008, the portfolio was extended to the brands SubZero / Wolf for the German, Austrian and German-speaking Swiss markets. In 2009, the Polish, Czech and Slovakian markets were added, and coolGiants)®AG was founded from two separately operating companies.

coolGiants)® AG, founded in 2009 from the merger of Exporta GmbH and Roi Electric GmbH, is, like many of its clients, an owner-managed family business. Both executive directors, Jan Oetjen and Kersten Hoppe, were influenced by their fathers, who have distributed cooling appliances of the brand General Electric for specialist kitchen trade in Germany since 1989. They started working with their sons as early as 1993.

The motto of coolGiants)® AG goes:

  • A close business relationship with the client and the suppliers;
  • solution-oriented work with and for the specialist trade;
  • long-term planning security and price stability through exclusive collaboration with the manufacturers in sales regions.

Today, these include Germany, Austria, the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our own exhibition rooms, which are also used for events, are located in the showroom in Munich.

The product portfolio is divided into the following product segments:

  1. SubZero / Wolf
    Owner-managed company with over 2,000 employees – Founded in Madison U.S.A. more than 70 years ago. First-class cooling and cooking devices as well as wine storage units provide services for the whole kitchen that even professionals are impressed by. The design and the unique planning variety impress designers, planners and of course end clients with their high-quality kitchen and furnishing.
  2. Fisher & Paykel
    A manufacturer from New Zealand with a unique position in the market with its drawer dishwasher product.This has been on the market for 16 years and is now available in its 9th generation. It is mainly used in wall-mounted kitchens, office kitchens as well as mobile homes and yachts.
  3. FALCON Range Cooker
    The market leader produces in England, it has had the widest range in the field of equipment and design in this segment since 1830. These stoves, combined with 2 to 3 ovens and optional gas or induction hob, supply excellent price-quality ratio for those who want to cook in an active and modern style.There are currently listings and exhibitions as well as accompanying promotional activities at leading furniture stores and with specialist kitchen dealers. A total of 480 exhibiting traders in Germany and Austria

In 2009, an exclusive agreement was concluded with the manufacturer Fisher & Paykel. Falcon range cookers have been distributed in a first test market in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg since September 2013. It was a resounding success: From January 2014, the inventor of the range cooker rewarded the success with exclusive distribution rights for the whole of Germany. With a successful placement of exhibition models and extraordinary dedication in the development of the sales network, the sales region was extended to Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, the German-speaking part of Switzerland and Slovakia in 2015, and is therefore congruent with the sales regions of SubZero.


In the years 2010 to 2016, the company turnover grew by an annual average of 24%, from a 1.6 million annual turnover in 2010 to a 5.25 million annual turnover in 2016. The growth limit was reached in the financial year 2015/2016. This, together with the weak non-hedgeable Euro exchange rate of the time, led to a financial year with a negative result of Euro 275 thousand in 2015/2016. The strong growth caused a liquidity squeeze. However, since the growth could be realised, the decision was made to raise additional capital and to prepare the company for the future with different market conditions.


In May/June 2016, the board adopted a series of measures to make the growth profitable for the future. This led to significantly lower costs, which, based on time limits and contracts, could unfold their full effect on the monthly operating results from April 2017. This led to a significantly reduced cost structure in the financial year 2016/2017, and, in this transition year, to a negative result of only Euro 75 thousand.

For the current financial year 2017/2018, a profit of Euro 151 thousand is expected without other investments or crowd investments, thanks to the changed and adapted hedged structures.

The differential amounts from the financial year were personally counterbalanced by Kersten R. Hoppe and Jan G. Oetjen with an increase of capital. With the optimised cost structure, coolGiants)® AG can further grow successfully and profitably in the future.

The fast-growing market for high-quality kitchens and cooking enthusiasts such as clients and traders offers coolGiants)® and its products a fantastic opportunity to establish themselves more strongly and permanently as market leaders in the area of range cooker trend products. The products, with their emotional appeal, come alive in their vibrant, creative POS and trade fair presentations and demonstrations. This is only possible with additional liquidity, and for this reason we opted here for the crowd-investing tool. We also wanted to invite clients and partners to participate in the further expansion of coolGiants)® as pioneers of our success.

We have planned for the development of exhibitions of powerful traders within our sales network and for the increase of the consumers’ public awareness of the products and brands through events and cooking shows in the whole sales region of our multipliers. We will use the leading position of the Falcon range cooker in particular to establish the FALCON brand as a generic term for these appliances, and as an alternative to names of traditional installation devices. We do this with well-equipped trade exhibitions, paired with cooking events under the guidance of reputable chefs, taking place in our showroom in Taufkirchen and at many events and presentations in the sales region since May 2014. This area has also generated increasing profits in the past few years, and thus contributes to our company’s success story. We generally organise events and shows in cooperation with partners such as the KREUTZERS company as a supplier for high-quality food products.

coolGiants)® is a partner we love to work with. It always exceeds expectations.”

Kreutzers Manuel Ostner

Kreutzers Produkte


cool Giants_Jan_Oetjen
Jan Oetjen
Executive director of Finance and Marketing
Born on 12 May 1971, married, 6 children
After his training as a wholesale and export merchant at a traditional company in Bremen, Mr Oetjen has worked for the company Exporta GmbH & Co KG since July 1993. Here, he has taken on various roles in office work, field service, purchasing, marketing and finance. He became co-manager on 01 January 2004 and sole manager of Exporta GmbH & Co KG from 01 January 2007.
Together with Mr Hoppe, he carried out the merger of Exporta with Roi Electric, and thus founded coolGiants)® AG in September 2009. He personally knows almost all the important traders and buyers in the industry.
Kersten Robert Hoppe
Executive director of Sales
Born on 23 June 1964, married, 3 children
Training in the food trade industry and subsequent career in the chemical consumer industry as a key account and sales manager. Start at the family business in 1993 to create something of his own, and to apply his acquired experience and skills. Executive director of coolGiants)® AG with Jan Oetjen since 2009. In 2011 and 2013, planning, organisation and execution of a 300 m² trade fair stand at Living Kitchen, one of the largest furniture and kitchen fairs in Cologne. In 2014, new construction of the Munich-Taufkirchen showroom on a surface of over 500 m², and start of the regular cooking and promotional events. In 2017, construction and expansion of the presentation area for outdoor kitchens in the new pool house with BBQ events and cooking courses with grilling experts such as Tom Heinzle. Focus on distributions and cooperations. Management and collaboration with sales employees. Contact and connections with the most important clients and decision-makers.
coolGiants) CONDACrowdinvesting Annika Lojewski
Annika Lojewski
Showroom manager
She has been working at the company since 2014. She organises the cooking events, dealer visits and events in the showroom in Taufkirchen near Munich.
Frank Greifenberg
Office manager, Bremen
Working at the company since 2014, he organises the smooth running of orders and deliveries.
Nils Oetjen
Technical support, Bremen
He has been working at the company since 2007. He assists the planners with detailed queries and trains the kitchen fitters of specialist traders with regard to installation.
Michael Lojewski
key account and trader training
He has been working at the company since 2014. He is responsible for the training of kitchen planners and specialist traders with regard to sales and marketing. He also supervises furniture stores nationwide and the sales region of Bavaria.

Investment Info

408% financed
204,000 invested
193 investors
Bremen, Deutschland

Asset Class: SME
Form of participation: Subordinated Loan
Term of the contract: 5 years
Redemption: semi-annual, beginning 30.06.2019
Interest payment: semi-annual
Interest rate:
Bonus interest rate: YES, depending on the operating profit (EBIT) of the company.
Expected return p.a.: 13,62%
Minimum subscription amount: EUR 100
Maximum subscription amount: EUR 5.000 (higher subscription amount by request)
Information for investors from Germany

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Incentives for your investment
500 Investment

Meat voucher by Kreutzers value € 40.--

1,000 Investment

Meat voucher by Kreutzers value € 100.--

5,000 Investment

Two-person voucher for a cooking event in Taufkirchen value € 340.--

10,000 Investment

Cooking course for two people at a cooking event in Taufkirchen and a knife set of the brand Wüsthof (MSRP € 880.--) (Total Value € 1.220.--).

10,000 Investment
Platinum B2B

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Company Info
14 Employees
2009 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: coolGiants) (company register number: HRB 26182)

Contact Information

coolGiants)® AG
Julius-Bamberger-Str. 1, 28279 Bremen
Tel 0049 (0)421 83 92 110