Who we are

ContentExchange is a sophisticated and already successfully operating IT platform that was specifically designed to promote and advertise websites through a widespread content marketing network. With a strongly developed matching algorithm, we present our visitors only content that has a high relevance for them and hence change the way companies communicate with their target audience online.

Our customers

The ContentExchange platform has been growing steadily from its launch in the end of 2014. Currently it connects 184 partner sites in the network and includes big media groups such as ProSiebenSat.1 in Germany, Antenna group in Greece, B92 in Serbia or Delo in Slovenia. Right now we are already reaching up to 8 Mio. users in our network, realizing 320.000 EUR of revenues in 2016.

The challenge

We all are annoyed when getting hammered with meaningless commercials and irrelevant content while browsing the web. Companies are bombarding us with items, services or content we are simply not interested in. Therefore, we are getting overblown with offers that don’t match with our wishes and needs.

But what if we could change all that? Wouldn’t it be better if we would only be shown content and ads that we are truly interested in? ContentExchange is the solution you were looking for.

With our solution, you find content that fits to your specific interests and needs. 

ContentExchange – your guide through the internet.

ContentExchange is a highly innovative online media cross-advertising and monetizing platform for publishers, which focuses on the match-making between users and relevant content in the internet.

Our solution is not only to make the life of internet users easier. It is as well of high relevance for numerous fast growing online industries like digital media, digital advertising and IT BigData.

Our mission is to change the way companies communicate with their online audience and customers. We help companies grow and monetize their content through high-quality and engaged users, that we seek to appeal to in a whole new dimension.

Company History

We want to change the way companies communicate online with their target customers. ContentExchange therefore offers a sophisticated way of sharing content and advertising products or services that visitors are really interested in. ContentExchange avoids annoying ads for its users. Through a sophisticated software solution, which we developed in the last 3 years, the users in our network will only be shown content they are really interested in.

Our online users benefit from

  • receiving relevant offers, instead of getting ‘spamed’
  • getting the best offers in real-time (best price, best location, special offers, etc.)
  • Less time of searching for the right product or service
  • Not spending money on things they don’t really want

ContentExchange boosts the traffic on your website with highly engaged users!

Our business partners benefit from an

  • increase of new visitors
  • increased time spent on the partner website
  • increased number of page views
  • increased popularity of their brand
  • increased number of visitors from other traffic sources
  • increased ad inventory

How does it work?

Our ContentExchange audience development platform is composed of one central site and numerous partner sites. Visitors of our partner sites find links to relevant content on our central site. There, they get redirected to other partner sites with contributing content fitting to the users interests. Our innovative algorithm ensures that each participating partner’s website receives the same number of visitors in return as it has sent to the network. The ratio is 1:1. Through that, all participating partner sites profit from the increased number of traffic.

Milestones & Successes

Our sophisticated IT platform is specifically designed to promote and advertise websites through a content marketing network, bringing participating websites new, relevant, and highly engaged visitors.

ContentExchange already enables cross promotion between media websites that publish content in the same language. Therefore, currently ContentExchange includes nine language groups within Europe.

Aim of the crowdinvesting campaign

The current CONDA campaign aims to raise additional fundings for ContentExchange to increase the reach of our online network in other EU countries, connecting as many media websites as possible. Simultaneously, we want to further develop our sophisticated BigData analysis and reach out for new markets.

Our vision

Our vision is to create 250 million anonymous profiles of internet users in order to better understand each visitor’s needs, wishes and preferences. Through helping companies to better understand their customers, we help customers to get exactly what they want and need.

Jump on the BigData train – invest in ContentExchange now!


The company is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund


Marijan Jurenec
CEO, Founder
Over 20 years of international experience in advertising, media and digital media. Entrepreneur, co-founder of the biggest media group Pro Plus (POP TV, A Kanal TV, 24.com) and initiator and investor of ContentExchange.
Huge network of European and global digital media contacts.
Barbara Vtič
Barbara has more than 15 years of experience in finance and strategic consulting with the emphasis on CF planning and management.
Mitja Doma
Open Source & web developer with more than 15 years of experience. Pioneer in digital entrepreneurship.
Peter Kresnik
Director of sales with more than 10 years of experience in advertising, web & online media, always a step ahead in advertising ideas, monetizing traffic and new advertising platforms.
Andraž Zupančič
Audience Development Manager
Project manager and mentor with 6 years of experience in editing online media and audience development manager. Responsible for global markets.
Aljaž Pogorelčnik
Editor VP
Editor, author, journalist, copywriter with 9 years of experience in online content creation.
Štefan Furlan
Big – data project manager
Experienced entrepreneur and manager with PhD in computer sciences. Štefan has over 10 years of experience in intelligent systems and related complex IT projects.
Erik Štrumbelj
Data Scientists
Researcher in statistics and machine learning. PhD and assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information sciences.
Eva Jurenec
Head of marketing, responsible for different world markets with experiences in digital media, branding, cross promotion and content management.

Investment Info

609% financed
304,600 invested
94 investors
Ljubljana, Slovenija

Business value participation: YES, at maturity
Base rate: 4,5% (5,5 % for investments starting from EUR 5.000)
Minimum subscription: EUR 100
Maximum subscription amount: EUR 5.000 (higher amounts available on request)
Term of the contract: 5 years
Participation form: Subordinated loan


From a subscription of EUR 100.000 onwards, special conditions are possible. For interested investors, a direct contact to the company is going to be enabled. Please send your request to team@conda.at.

WARNING! The purchase of this asset entails considerable risks up to and including the total loss of the commited capital.

In the interest of risk spreading, the crowd-investor should only invest amounts he does not depend on or expect back in cash in the near future. The issuing company is also the provider of this investment product and solely responsibility for all information and contents on the website. The platform operator assumes no liability for the accuracy or currentness of the contents.

Incentives for your investment
500 Investment
BigData Fit Package

Thank your for your support! For your Investment you receive an investment certificate together with a handy USB stick in the ContentExchange design containing the latest trends in BigData and profiling.

1,000 Investment
BigData Insider Package

For your support you will be rewarded with an investment certificate and a USB Stick containing the latest trends in BigData and profiling and how you could use them for your business! In addition, you will participate at an exclusive ContentExchange webinar and get the latest insights from the experienced ContentExchange team.

3,000 Investment
Website Booster Package

For your support you will be rewarded with an investment certificate and a USB stick with the latest trends in BigData and profiling. In addition, you will receive a free membership on the ContentExchange Network for the duration of the loan agreement to boost the traffic on your website - including detailed BigData analyzes as soon as available!

5,000 Investment
GetTogether Package

For your support we provide an investment certificate and a USB stick with the latest trends in BigData and profiling. In addition, you will be invited to our headquarter and spend a day with the enthusiastic ContentExchange team! During our get-together investors also participate in a raffle for an exclusive holiday trip! Details will soon be available in the news section!

10,000 Investment
Dinner Package

For your support you will be rewarded with an investiment certificate and a USB stick with the latest trends in BigData and profiling. In addition, we invite you to one of the most exclusive restaurants in Slovenia, the Bledsee, where you will meet the founders and leading staff of ContentExchange. Investors are also taking part in a raffle for an exclusive holiday trip! Details will soon be available in the news section!

(Amounts over 5,000 EUR can be pledged by means of a subscription agreement. Please contact us for further information via email at investor@conda.at)

Company Info
10 Employees
1998 Founded
0.35 Revenue (Mn. €)

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 4,600,000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: I.R.V. d.o.o (company register number: 1327712000)

Contact Information
I.R.V. d.o.o.
Leskoškova 12
1000 Slovenia
+386 1 524 01 54

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