ORF (Austrian TV) report about Opilomed convinces from start to finish

21. March 2017 by Lara Scheibner in Opilomed
When the ORF wants to take a closer look at a product, excitement is in the air. In the case of Opilomed, they were not only excited before but also in jubilant mood afterwards. The report from the 24th of February in TODAY SPECIFIC is the company's reward for five consecutive years of research and […] read more

>> Breaking News << already EUR 500,000 invested – Funding goal increased!

27. February 2017 by Kristína Beníčková in techbold
Good news for the Techbold crowd investors! Techbold already achieved the funding goal of EUR 500,000 and is thus the most successful ongoing crowdinvesting campaign in Austria. Techbold’s crowdinvesting campaign has reached very good figures so far. More than 264 investors have invested EUR 500,000 in Damian Izdebski’s company. Due to the continuing interest of […] read more

Opilomed: AWS approves € 180,000 grant

23. February 2017 by Lara Scheibner in Opilomed
Opilomed's grant application for double equity in September 2016 got approved by the AWS (Austria Business Service)! Along with the grant expert Erich Schnabl from Raiffeisenbank region Sierning-Enns eGen, Opilomed CEO Roland Gruber signed the grant agreement today. In doing so, a further financial milestone of Opilomed has been reached! read more

CONDA Crowdinvesting: What a year!

22. February 2017 by Lara Scheibner
The CONDA Crowdinvesting team is very proud to have become one of the key players in the European crowdinvesting industry over the last years with subsidiaries in various European countries. Now that 2016 has come to an end, we are looking back at another very exciting and successful year. CONDA was able to increase the number of investors, raise […] read more

Techbold extends crowdinvesting campaign – already over EUR 400,000 invested

17. February 2017 by Kristína Beníčková in techbold
More than 200 crowdinvestors have already invested more than EUR 400,000 in Damian Izdebski and his techbold technology group AG Due to the continual high demand and great success so far, the campaign is now extended until 28 February. The most famous and successful business angels in Austria, Johann "Hansi" Hansmann, Stefan Kalteis and Michael […] read more
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GETTPAL is now running until Christmas!

14. December 2016 by Sarka Nohelova in Gettpal
Thanks to very positive feedback from the community, we are prolonging the Gettpal campaign until 23.12.2016. You still have a chance to invest into this exciting new social network that grew to 20k users in the first year. We are also starting a contest to win an 100Eur investment voucher. To participate invest in Gettpal between […] read more
Gettpal Robco Crowdinvesting Founder

Gettpal countdown, last chance to invest!

13. December 2016 by Sarka Nohelova in Gettpal
Crowdinvesting campaign of the project Gettpal is coming to it's end, but you still have a chance to invest and support this unique idea. Project is so far backed by 70 investors and have had an amazingly positive feedback from the community, which grew to have more than 20k members in the first year. Gettpal came up […] read more

Project “Rapid InvesTOR” pays first interests to investors

7. December 2016 by Lara Scheibner in Rapid InvesTOR 9
About one year ago, CONDA and the Viennese soccer club SK Rapid made history with the crowdinvesting campaign „Rapid InvesTOR“ for the new Allianz station. Within only ten weeks, over 1,500 investors procured three million euro. „Rapid InvesTOR“ has been the most successful crowdinvesting project realised on an Austrian platform so far. Now, SK Rapid […] read more
Robo Gettpal crowdinvesting blog

“Step out of you comfort zone”, says Gettpal founder Robert Uhrin.

24. November 2016 by Lara Scheibner
We are getting ready for a new campaign, but before we actually start, we would like to introduce this Slovakian project to you a little more. What is Gettpal and why did the founder, Robert Uhrin, created it? Please read this interview to find out more. How did the idea of creating Gettpal come to your […] read more
Conda Gettpal Supporter Event

Become an Early Investor of Gettpal and get a special bonus

10. November 2016 by Sarka Nohelova
An exciting new social platform Gettpal started their crowdinvesting campaign just last week, but has already over 40 investors. However, to reach their goal they will need more. We are calling all potential investors, because just until tomorrow 11th of november you will have a chance to invest in Gettpal with bonus of 5,5%. Don't […] read more
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