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With a CONDA crowdinvesting campaign you have the opportunity to fund your project and thereby realise your ideas. In addition your business benefits from the high level of publicity generated by a campaign. You also have the chance to get into direct contact with investors and customers and to obtain valuable community feedback. A smart solution for your promising ideas.


The Advantages of a Crowdinvesting Campaign

  • You don't just achieve a far reaching, but also high level of publicity for your product.
  • You receive direct feedback from the community.
  • You are personally involved with customers and interested parties.
  • With your each additional investor you gain a loyal customer and brand ambassador for your business.

4 steps to success

Here you will find an overview of the four phases of a crowdinvesting campaign.

crowdfunding 1
Submit your Project
  • Fill out the online form.
  • Upload your documents (business plan, financial plan, etc.)
  • You will receive feedback from us and our Advisory Board.
crowdfunding 2
Prepare your campaign
  • Describe your product or service as well as your business model in a short, thrilling way, which is easy to understand.
  • Create a short introductory video.
  • Provide expressive photos and video-footage of high quality.
  • Prepare infographics and diagrams to give your project description an interesting aspect.
crowdfunding 3
Execute your crowdinvesting campaign
  • Gain investors.
  • Obtain valuable feedback.
  • Discuss things with your community.
  • Excite potential customers.
  • Draw attention to your company.
  • Reach the funding threshold and more!
crowdfunding 4
Complementation of the campaign


  • Keep your investors up-to-date.
  • Make your investors to brand ambassadors.
  • Use your new network for your company


The most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs

What are the advantages of funding through CONDA?

Through a crowdinvesting campaign on CONDA you receive venture capital from many small investors. This makes it possible for you to consolidate your business, as well as making further financing possibilities more accessible (e.g. bank overdraft, sponsorship etc.). However you also have an array of other advantages:

Crowdinvesting as a marketing tool

Aside from the capital, you can also use a crowdinvesting campaign as a very effective marketing tool. The campaign gives you the possibility of reaching a wide range of people and thereby creates a lot of publicity for your project. We will support you, if you wish, through targeted communication activities (public relations, events, social media campaigns etc.). In this way you increase the awareness of your business and the product itself enormously.

Feedback from the community

You have the opportunity to get into direct contact with the CONDA community, to gather valuable feedback and to interact with potential customers.

Investors are more than customers

A further significant point as to why you should choose a crowdinvesting campaign: with every new investor you gain not only additional capital, but also loyal customers and, in the best case scenario, even brand ambassadors for your business, as it is in the interest of every investor that your business achieves great success.

It all comes down to the right contacts

Of course you also benefit from the extensive CONDA network, to which our partners and our mentors, as well as our Advisory Board, belong. As you will certainly already know, the right contacts bring an essential market advantage with them and they can contribute significantly to the success of your business. We would like to support you in these areas as best as we can, and share both our know-how and our many years of relevant experience with you.

Transparent costs

In conclusion we offer you a variety of service packages, so that you only pay for the services that you really need. Transparent and fair.

Which conditions must I fulfil to have a CONDA crowd-investing campaign?

For a funding through CONDA crowdinvesting your business must be profit-orientated and should demonstrate an innovative nature that is easy to communicate. You can identify whether your project is suited to a campaign by answering the following questions. Positive answers will indicate the project is suitable:

  • Do I have an interesting product or innovation, whose benefits can easily be identified and easily communicated?
  • Is my business model economically attractive – for investors too?
  • Have I checked or can I check the feasibility of market entry (Proof of Concept)?
  • Is my funding need greater than EUR 50,000?
  • Do I have adequate resources available (time, a motivated team, etc.) to implement a crowdinvesting campaign?

The establishment of a GmbH or UG (Limited company), as far as there doesn’t already exist one, can take place during the planning phase of your crowdinvesting campaign, but must be completed by the start of the subscription period on our platform at the latest.

In order to fund your project with us you need a financial plan in addition to a business plan. These documents can be uploaded at the end of the form. All further information and data (e.g. business videos, photos, etc.), which are important for the investors, can be produced during the planning phase of the campaign. We can of course help you with these areas too.

What costs will incur?

With us you only pay for the services that you actually want to make use of. For this reason we offer you 3 different service packages, from which you can choose the resources that are relevant to you. We are happy to advise you in the selection of your tailored package.

After the campaign a fixed-rate arises, which we charge you based on the administrative ground-work.


Information brochure

Download our brochure right now for your business. In this document you will find all details on CONDA crowdinvesting campaigns as well as our service packages.


Executive Summary / Template

So that we can handle your project submission efficiently and quickly, we require a fully completed Executive Summary, which will be presented to our Advisory Board among others. Your information is of course strictly confidential and will not be passed to third parties.


Partiarische Nachrangdarlehen

Die Antworten zu den häufigst gestellten Fragen zum Thema “partiarische Nachrangdarlehen” finden Sie im folgenden Dokument.


Do you have further questions? Perhaps you will find the answers quickly and easily in the Help section.

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What entrepreneurs say about us

crowdfunding loichtl georg
Funding through CONDA was for me significantly better than using classic funding options and, in addition, brought my business the necessary media coverage.
Georg Loichtl
Founder and Managing Director BURGERMASTA
crowdfunding steininger theresa
Thanks to CONDA Wohnwagon really got moving properly for the first time, and we are grateful for the numerous contacts we made during our crowdinvesting campaign.
Theresa Steininger
Managing Director Wohnwagon
crowdfunding keyerlingk
With the crowdinvesting campaign we were able, not only to gather the capital required, but also to build up a valuable customer base at the same time.
Konstantin Keyserlingk
Founder and Managing Director of Munich Distillers
crowdfunding horvath michael
With CONDA we felt we were in very good hands before, during and after the campaign, due to the professional care and personal commitment.
Michael Horvath
Finance and Business Development, all i need