startup300 listed in direct market plus segment of Vienna Stock Exchange

Introducing a new time sheet for startup300 Corp.: As of today, the startup ecosystem’s stock will be listed on the Third Market of the direct market plus segment on the Vienna Stock Exchange. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the rapidly developing Austrian startup ecosystem: first steps on the native trading floor will be made with the decision of startup300 Corp.

Since its launch in December 2015, startup300 Corp. has grown from a business angel network to a startup ecosystem operator. Founders, startups, investors and innovative corporations have access to spaces (factory300, Strada del Startup, Talent Garden Vienna), events (Pioneers, Startup Live), consultation (think300, Pioneers Discover) and capital (Pioneers Ventures II, capital300).

startup300, the “startup stock”

“startup300 not only invests directly in startups through Pioneers Ventures II, but also generates venue with its businesses through services, consultation and access to space. We not only work with startups, but also with many well-known established corporations that need to master digitization. Our business model is based on memberships, technology and premium services from the consulting business. startup300 is growing together with digitization,” says Michael Eisler, board member and Co-Founder of startup300.

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