ORF (Austrian TV) report about Opilomed convinces from start to finish

When the ORF wants to take a closer look at a product, excitement is in the air. In the case of Opilomed, they were not only excited before but also in jubilant mood afterwards.

The report from the 24th of February in TODAY SPECIFIC is the company’s reward for five consecutive years of research and development. Opilomed will use this momentum for the market launch and very soon protected hair colouring/dyeing will be a must-have in every hair salon!

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Our development partner, HARATECH Plastics Engineering and Solutions, is also one of the pioneers in Europe in 3D printing.

As a thank you for your investment of 500, - Euro we give you a 3D Bodyscan. In just a few seconds, you can have your 3D self-image on the phone and can combine it with different, creative background images and, of course, post and share it.

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Also a voucher for "protected hair dyeing".

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For all those who are investing 5,000 Euro or more, we will raffle an additional "weekend for two" in the 4-star Superior Wellness and Thermenhotel Paradiso in Oberösterreich as a thank you in addition to the GOLD package.

Also, we invite every Platinum investor to an investor event.

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