GETTPAL is now running until Christmas!

Thanks to very positive feedback from the community, we are prolonging the Gettpal campaign until 23.12.2016. You still have a chance to invest into this exciting new social network that grew to 20k users in the first year.

We are also starting a contest to win an 100Eur investment voucher. To participate invest in Gettpal between 14.12.2016 and 23.12.2016, 3pm at least 200Eur and CONDA will pick one winner in this special ruffle. You can then spent the voucher at any running CONDA project.

Conditions of participation

– CONDA Crowdinvesting is the organizer of the contest.

– The conditions of participation must be approved in order to take part at the contest. By taking part at the contest, participants are accepting the conditions of participation. CONDA reserves the right to exclude those from the contest, who defy these conditions.

-Any natural person of age who is investing at least EUR 200 in the crowdinvesting project “Gettpal” until December 23, 2016, 3pm is entitled to participate. All CONDA employees and their relatives are excluded from the contest.

-The investment voucher is valid for all current projects on the CONDA website.

-Cash settlement of the investment voucher is not possible.

-The value of the investment voucher is transferred to the winner’s bank account after the execution of the investment 

-The winner is selected by drawing lots through CONDA.

-Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

-Facebook requires to indicate that

    Facebook is not involved in the contest

    Facebook is not available as a contact for any requests concerning the contest


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Investment Info

100% financed
30,100 invested
73 investors
Bratislava, Slovakia
minimum amount subscribed: EUR 100.00
maximum amount subscribed: EUR 5000.00
contract period:
5 years
base interest rate: 4.5%
appreciation interest rate: on maturity date
Incentives for your investment
100 Investment

Cover photo bagde in Gettpal App, Gettpal bracelet, 1 Gettpal party entry for 7Eur.

200 Investment

SupporterPal + Hall of fame membership in Gettpal App + 2 Gettpal party entries for 14Eur.

500 Investment

SupporterPal + StarPal + Supporter account in Gettpal App with premium functions for 48Eur, 4 Gettpal party entries for 28Eur.

1,000 Investment

SupporterPal + StarPal + MegaPal + Meeting with founders and other MightyPals, 10 Gettpal party entries for 70Eur.

2,500 Investment

SUpporterPal + StarPal + MegaPal + MightyPal + Dinner with founders

Company Info
5 Employees
2015 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 500,000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: Gettpal s.r.o. (company register number: 50 516 272)

Contact Information

Gettpal s.r.o.
Tomášikova 13, 821 01, Bratislava, SR
Tel.: +421907080899