FK Austria Vienna – Crowdinvestors are happy about bonus interests thanks to the great achievements in the Europa-League.

Since the summer of 2016, FK Austria Vienna is building the first sustainable soccer stadium in central Europe located in their home district Favoriten. The goal is to meet the requirements of the club and the fans. The project is significantly enhanced by the 633 crowdinvestors at, which is the funding platform of FK Austria Vienna supported by CONDA. Almost EUR 1.5 million were raised this way within 28 hours, which is a record time in the history of crowdinvesting.

Crowdinvesting FK Austria violacrowd

Perfect Teamwork: Bonus interests for fans ensured

The crowdinvestors are rewarded for their trust in the project “FK Austria Wien Arena Invest”. The qualification to the group phase of the Europe League in the season 2016/2017 has been achieved inter alia because of the legendary 3:3 against the Italian top-team AS ROMA in October. All crowdinvestors are pleased about the additional 1% bonus interests to the basic interest rate of 2.5%. Overall, EUR 52.465 have been paid out. Moreover, investors do profit from premium rewards like fan articles, guided tours through the stadium or tickets for the opening game in 2018.

This crowdinvesting project is the eighth CONDA-project that pays out interests to investors. Daniel Horak (CEO of CONDA) explains, “Until now, investors at CONDA profited from interests with an overall amount of EUR 382.000. In addition, two projects completely redeemed their interest payments.”

Impressive interest pay outs for “Rapid Investor”

One of the projects that fully redeemed their interests to investors is “Rapid Investor”, that is meant to be the biggest crowdinvesting success in Austria so far. Nowadays, Rapid is playing on their traditional location Hütteldorf in the most modern stadium of Austria. The major contribution to this came from the crowd. 1.500 investors raised the nationwide record-amount of EUR 3 million. The first interest payment was accordingly high in December 2016. In total, EUR 120.000 have been paid out. Depending on the duration, the investors were able to choose between 3.5% and 4.5% of interests.

Fast road to success: plants4friends

The company from Salzburg plants4friends, which grows cannabis plants for medical purpose and then produces different high-quality products, was very successful thanks to crowdinvesting after a short time. 319 crowdinvestors raised EUR 295.500 and received interest payments of EUR 4.762 within the first year.

“Back to origin” was the motto of the company Bio-Strohalme GmbH founded 2014. Biological drinking straws are an environmentally conscious and sustainable alternative to the widespread plastic straws. 129 investors contributed with a total amount of EUR 100.000 to the German, fast growing enterprise Bio-Strohahlme GmbH. Back to origin came the interests as well. Daniel Horak declares, “EUR 7.000 have been paid out to the investors. A profit participation is as well part of the closed deal.”

Furthermore, another CONDA showcase is the Austrian enterprise Vivaldi, that produces sustainable, environmental friendly animal food. EUR 114.000 have been invested and as a consequence thereof, EUR 5.442 interests are paid out to the 75 investors.

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