AlpStories: win an exclusive wellness weekend in the »Arche«

The summer can come! Among all investors, Alpstories raffles an exclusive wellness weekend at the organic farm of the Tessmann family! Join us and experience a relaxing weekend with full-value food, sauna and massage, immersed in the untouched natural landscape of the Corinthian Mountains. Situated on the sunny slope of the Saualpe at 930m above sea level, the Ark provides a personal touch for heart and health.

The traditional company was regarded as the pioneer of the organic holidays and has been offering sustainable vacancies for more than 30 years. The Ark stands for natural relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The authentic ambience invites around 7000 guests to relax yearly.

Together with Alpstories, a wellness weekend for 2 persons will be raffled in the Ebensteiner Bio Landhaus among all investors who are investing in the company until the 28th of June!

"We are so excited that we can cooperate with the Austrian pioneer in sustainable holidays. The Ark and Alpstories is just a perfect match!"

Quote of Oksana from crowdinvesting project Alpstories

Secure your Relax Weekend! Invest in Alpstories now!



Conditions of participation

Participation in the competition is subject to the conditions of participation. By participating in the competition the participant accepts these conditions of participation. VASTOK d.o.o. And CONDA reserve the right to exclude participants from the competition in case of violation of these conditions. All persons of legal age who are investing in the VASTOK d.o.o via CONDA Crowdinvesting until June 28, 2017 have the right to participate in the raffle. Of course, existing investors are also participating in the raffle. The amount of the investment does not affect the chances to win. Excluded from the competition are VASTOK d.o.o. - and CONDA employees and their dependents. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to with the subject "Alpstories lottery" and participate in the competition. The winner will be notified by e-mail. If no feedback occurs within a week, the prize will be raffled again. There is no warranty or guarantee claim on the profit. In the event that the profit becomes a guarantee within the guarantee period specified by the manufacturer, the winner must contact the manufacturer. No cash payment or transfer to third parties possible. The legal process is excluded.

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Investment Info

days remaining
30,000 Minimum Investment
190,000 Total amount
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Incentives for your investment
300 Investment
The Marigold Beauty

With the sweet and refreshing scent of the marigold you feel like laying on a summer meadow. Of course, a natural shower oil must not be missing. We thank you for your investment with an AlpStories Beauty Oil with Marigold essences.

500 Investment
Ginkgo Package

The refreshing scent of Ginko gives your skin a velvety soft feeling. For your investment we thank you with an AlpStories Shower oil and a soothing Beauty oil of your choice.

1,000 Investment
Pomegranate Package

The fruity fragrance of pomegranate refreshes your everyday life. In addition to an individualized Shower oil and the soothing Beauty oil you get a 5% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

2,500 Investment
Rosemary - Verbena Package

The combination of the fruity smell of irony and the Mediterranean aroma of rosemary provides a distinctive smell. For your support, we would like to thank you with a customized AlpStories product set consisting of a Shower oil, Beauty oil and a face cream. You also get a 7.5% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

5,000 Investment
Sweet Lavander Package

The popular scent of lavender with a delicate addition of vanilla soothes and gives a fresh feeling. For your support we send you a customized product set consisting of a Shower oil, Beauty Oil and a face cream. We also thank you for your Investment with a 10% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

10,000 Investment
AlpStories Special Edition Aloe Vera Package

Aloe vera has been used through centuries by doctors as well as beauticians to rejuvenate, heal, cure, and beautify. For your support we send you a customized product set consisting of a Shower oil, Beauty oil and a face cream as well as an aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner. We also thank you for your support with a 15% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

(Amounts over 5.000 EUR can be pledged by means of a subscription agreement. Please contact us for further information via email at

Company Info
5 Employees
2014 Founded

Participation Type: Substanzgenussrecht
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 2,750,000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: VASTOK d.o.o. (company register number: 6423442000)

Contact Information
Dunajska cesta 136
1000 Ljubljana  Slovenia – EU
Phone: +386 (0)30-669-128