Invest with Crowdinvesting

Buy shares in promising projects.

With CONDA, you have the opportunity to invest small amounts in promising companies with a high level of growth potential. Through these alternative investment opportunities you enable the realisation of innovative ideas and profit the long-term success of the business.

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The principle of crowdinvesting

Invest in the best business ideas

Entrepreneurs have an innovative business idea for which they require funding. To achieve this they place their crowdinvesting project on CONDAs website and providing you with the opportunity to invest in the project with as little as 100 Euro.

The best possible support and feedback from the crowd

Naturally, we at CONDA, and our experts provide advice and assistance to accompany our entrepreneurs in the successful execution of their project. And you get to decide to what extent you wish to be involved in the project, whether through providing feedback to the entrepreneurs, exchanging views with other investors or promoting the business.

A win-win situation

Should the business be successful, everyone profits. You, as an investor, profit from the succes and receive your dividends from the business.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You benefit from annual interest payments.
  • You gain from the increasing value of the business.
  • As an investor you receive special goodies from the business.
  • You know exactly where your money goes to and you are in direct contact with the entrepreneurs.

Investment guide

Are you investing for the first time and/or do you need support in selecting your crowdinvesting projects? We have compiled a guide for you, which should make it easier for you to evaluate the businesses yourself.

The most frequently asked questions about crowdinvesting

How much will it cost me to use CONDA crowdinvesting?

Registration and use of our platform are completely free for you.

Potential bank fees and expenses incurred for the transfer of investment amounts from overseas must be paid by the investor.

What do I receive for my investment?

Through your investment you acquire the right for future dividends.

With participating loans or unsecured loans there is an annual interest payment on the capital invested as well as a participating share in the business value for the duration of the loan.

With profit-share rights you benefit from the annual dividend and from the value of the business.

In addition as an investor you receive special offers from the relevant business, such as discounts, gifts, special permits, etc.

The details as to the level of your repayments, your base interest rate and the bonus for growth in share value, can be taken from the relevant project page.

Why should I invest through CONDA?

CONDA is more than a hub to connect businesses with investors. We support you for the duration of your investment and we are available to answer your questions.


Invest in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

On our platform you have the possibility to invest in businesses from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Therefore you don’t only have the opportunity to spread your portfolio broadly, but you can also get a good overview of innovations in our neighbouring countries.

Quality of the projects

Our team, together with our Advisory Board, choose the projects very carefully and we make every effort to ensure our project portfolio is as diverse as possible. On the project pages you will find detailed information on the projects including, for example, the business strategy, the team, the market etc.

We support you in your investment

Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions, by telephone or email, about holding shares and the potential risks and rewards. And for the duration of your investment we accompany you as your contact: you receive current information from us about the performance of your investments and the following activities.


In our Q&A section you will find more information regarding our contracts, investment conditions, your prospects, risks, etc.

Are you curious about which projects you are able to invest in currently?

Find all your investment options here.

What is the "Funding threshold" and what is the "Funding limit"?

The funding threshold is the minimum amount that the business must reach in order that the funding takes place. This threshold is set at 100% for all our projects every time.

Every project also has a funding limit, which represents the maximum amount that the business can achieve through its crowdinvesting campaign.

If the funding threshold is not reached during the project duration the funding is not successful and all investors receive their contributions paid back automatically. If the funding limit is already reached before the end of the project life, the funding is successfully completed.

Do you still have questions? Please see the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the Help section.

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What the investors say

crowdfunding alm niko
Privates Kapital muss arbeiten können. Das macht CONDA möglich und zeigt damit, wie Wirtschaft und Finanzierung in Zukunft (auch) funktionieren werden: im eigenverantwortlichen Zusammenwirken von Investoren und Unternehmen.
Niko Alm
crowdfunding ceh markus
CONDA hat ein umfassendes Experten und Partnernetzwerk und ist daher für mich die sicherste, professionellste und kompetenteste Crowdinvesting-Plattform mit den besten Business-Ideen und sehr hohen langfristigen Rendite-Chancen.
Marcus Ceh
crowdfunding altrichter michael
Crowdinvest ist seit geraumer Zeit immer stärker im Kommen, da es sich für viele Geschäftsmodelle, vor allem im B2C Bereich, hervorragend anbietet. Es freut mich wirklich sehr, dass es mit CONDA bei uns ein derart engagiertes Team gibt, das dieses Thema so stark fördert und in die Breite trägt!
Michael Altrichter

Minimise your risk

With your investment in a crowdinvesting project you have the chance of high income as well as a profitable value growth bonus. At the same time you bear a part of the entrepreneurial risk. Should the business not achieve its goals, your investment is also impacted. This means that in the worst case scenario, where a business is insolvent, your investment is lost. The risk is however limited to the value of your investment and there is no need for further payments. Therefore it is best to invest in several different projects and set off the odd loss against high returns from other businesses. More information….

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